Wireless Bluetooth Headsets For Players

Gigabyte once again tries to surprise players. This time, it introduces the Force H1 wireless headset, which is to provide an unforgettable gaming experience.

By the way, the handset costs you, but you have to take into account that wireless models are always more expensive.

The kit came to me in a medium sized box.

Inside, I found an elegant lock case that contained folded headphones.

There is also a short instruction manual and an internal battery charging cable.

Thanks to the small size of the handset, they fit into the case and we can take it with us wherever we want.

The case also has a cable pocket.

The best bluetooth headset for iphone to your computer, phone or tablet is connected wirelessly, they use Bluetooth connectivity, version 3.0.

Force H1 weighs less than 250 grams and is quite comfortable.

Ear muffs cover 40 millimeters of diaphragms with gold-plated elements.

Frequency range is from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, with 16 ohm resistance.

Sensitivity is about 121 dB.

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As for the quality of performance my feeling is mixed.

The manufacturer of the headphone trimmer used a lot of glossy plastic, which looks nice and cool, but it is bad in use. The plastic easily gets dirty and collects fingerprints.

Also the guides do not make too good impression, they are plastic and not too thick.

Pretty well made earmuffs and control panel.

Control panel

It is made up of several handy buttons that allow you to manage your media.

On the right side of the handset you will find a microphone, a battery charging port (which charges around 2-3 hours and lasts about 15 hours of use), and a button for pairing and pairing.

When going up we come across two buttons for volume control, another two to skip forward and backward, and play / pause / answer button.

The position of the buttons is quite good and they have different shapes, so the controls will learn really fast.


Using Force H1 is really fun.

Headphones are not too lightweight, but they do not weigh too much. Very important, they do not cause headaches.

The ear muffs have small interiors that do not cover their ears but are resting on them, nor have I felt the pressure of the ears. Comfort is just as important to me as the sound quality.

On this issue to Force H1 I have no complaints, they are well matched and comfortable.

Audio impressions

Force H1 headphones proved to be good, even very good.

But not to everything, do not name them with a universal headset.

What did not work? The classical and electronic music was very poorly tuned, the headphones tuned to a different kind of entertainment, so the amateurs of classic songs will not be satisfied even in the slightest, the music scene is quite narrow and the upper parts are blurred.

Headphones for entertainment, easy to read vocals and strong bass, made the lively tracks sound nice.

But what about games? Finally, the note “Gaming” obliges.

I have tested the headphones in conjunction with Lumia 630, installed some interesting games, mostly zombie shooters and arcade games.

After firing the first game there was a smile on my face, zombie effects, fire and moaning of massacred condemned people were pumped directly to my ears. Impressions of the game were intense, which helped me to immerse myself in the game world and enjoy it more.

In the next few games the feeling was similar, the answer, yes! Definitely they are gaming headphones and the games show the full potential.

Gigabyte Force H1 is a device created for the players, actually the game shows the claw.

By the way, it provides good wearing comfort and functionality. However, this is not in my opinion a universal headset, in my case proved only in selected music genres.

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